Out With The Old, In With The New… That Just Seems Wrong This Time.


Being Charitable… Today, those words might as well be a terminal illness or the middle finger heading in your direction! Seems to me that my generation was taught to give and give kindly, without thought to self because it would “come back on you ten-fold”.  Is there anyone reading this that remembers being brought up that way?  Now look, I’m not just speaking of those raised going to church regularly, no matter what denomination.  I’m not speaking of folks raised in small, one-horse towns either.  I’m speaking of everyday joes, everyday families.  Does anyone remember walk-a-thons, aluminum can drives, canned food drives?  I swear, my generation did at least four or five events a year for school and that didn’t count scouts and sporting teams.  I am truly saddened by this especially as I watch news reports of starving children, underemployed and under-educated people around the world, the under-insured, the list goes on and on. Now I am a realist and I know all the problems in the world can’t be fixed through charitable givings of money, time, product, etc., but it sure goes a long way for civility and that is for another post.

So you’re asking yourself… what in the world does this have to to do with Mom and Dad’s advice that they never gave you?  Well, I guess I’m speaking mostly to Generation Y and younger, that 30 and below crowd with a cell phone attached to their hand and an IPod strapped around their arm.  You know the ones who don’t know how to interact face-to-face with someone because all they know is either AOL Messenger, Email, Text and Emoticons (What the FUCK are emoticons really???)?  So, Here is the advice Mom and Dad never told you…  Instead of spending all your bank, bills or big ones on the newest and brightest I-Phone, I-Pod with a $250 pair of beats and a $10,000 I-Phone watch, the latest tablet, why don’t you try dropping a BUCK in a charity jar on your way out of a store.  Oh, um maybe instead of hittin’ da club one weekend donate a couple hours to a good cause.  I tell you what, that BUCK and those couple hours will make you feel more whole as a human and more complete than the damn Beats will. Trust a Mutha Fucka!!! Peace.

As a side note… click on the URL below for a good cause that I found for a young lady and performer recently diagnosed with a disorder that has turned her and her family’s world upside down.




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Sonny Cacavano

It's a long list of schooling from firefighting to law school, but the most education I've received is as a parent. I'm opinionated, but respect the opinions of others, but I will still argue my view is correct. Admitting defeat is not a strong suit. However, I'm loyal, funny and a great friend. I love books, movies, traveling and any other wild experiences out there. So, enough about me... what about you?

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