When Water Turns To Blood (A Very True Story) Part I

Father Son Night Beach


When I was growing up, in a suburb of, what I would call, a medium size city in the Midwest, life was pretty good.  It was the late 1970’s before I have any recollection of life.  I had two older siblings that were going out to Discos, yeah Discos for you young ones reading and following my blog, and the Bee Gees and KC and the Sunshine Band were ruling the FM bandwidth of the radio.  And yes 8-tracks really did exist along with vinyl 45 rpm and 33 rpm LP’s.  Bell Bottom jeans ruled fashion along with Butterfly Collars and Leisure Suits and no-one locked their front doors.  Hell, I don’t think we locked our front door until the early to mid 1980’s.  And Sundays was ALWAYS family dinner at our house!!! Mom was cooking EVERYTHING!!!  Fried Chicken with all the fixin’s, or we were grilling out… on a charcoal grill now, NO GAS GRILL.  There was Football or Baseball on or cards being played.  The kids, meaning me too, were running around while Gran chain smoked her cigarettes and I swear she could smoke an entire cigarette without ashing, wave her hands around and never drop her ashes… I mean isn’t that a world record or something???  I swear… life was good!  We were all in our comfort zones and we thought that everyone had it like that; we thought all families did the same thing and that every member of every family had a “real” mom and dad and brothers and sisters and cousins and… well, you get my point.

Then in, oh, I guess it was the 4th grade, I made my first friend that wasn’t living with their Mommy and Daddy… she was living with her “Grammy”.  I didn’t get it at all.  Why? Where was her Mommy and Daddy?  I remember asking my Dad and in his sweetness he said, “STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT AND I MEAN IT”!  Okay, that helped a lot… thanks Dad.  Of course I didn’t stay out of it, how could I?  After all I was the child who always asked the who’s, what’s, where’s and how’s of everything, even if it took hours.  He shoulda known better.  So, the next morning at school I asked my little friend why she was living with her Grammy and the truth of the world hit me smack dab in my face… BOOM!!!!  She told me that her Daddy beat her and her Mommy up all the time and her Mommy stuck needles in her arm for pain and people came an took her to her Grammy’s house to live.  Well, okay, I didn’t understand all of it, but I was done prying.  I did however ask my Mom about it and she told me that it was really bad what happened to my friend and she was very lucky to have her Grammy. Mom went on to tell me that I would have my “own” kids one day and I would be a “great parent and would raise my own kids wonderfully”.  That made me feel so much better.


So, in 2010, my life is going pretty well.  I have a beautiful two bedroom apartment and a gorgeous fiance that had just moved in.  The honeymoon phase was in full swing and it was AMAZING!!!  We cooked together, went out to dinner, drank wine, sampled beers from around the globe… you name it; we did it.  Our lives were full of passion and conversation… love was flowing around us.  Until about six months after my fiance moved in… Ring, Ring, Ring… Hello!  Yo!  It’s me Jeff, Sup? Oh, Lord; what does he want now?

I adore Jeff, you see, I really do, but Jeff is that friend that you just can’t let go of.  You know the one.  The one friend that is the life long fuck up that you just can’t EVER say no to.  Plus, I just feel bad for the guy.  He’s a single parent of an 11-year-old boy trying to make ends meet.  I don’t really know what happened between Jeff and his girlfriend or wife or, God, I hate to say this… bed buddy, but he’s got this son now, Tony.  I’ve met Tony once and he seems like a good kid. I do know that Jeff, due to his Alcoholism and some other things I don’t know about, has been disowned by his family and they refuse to accept Tony as well.  What a bunch of ASSHOLES!!! Fine, disown Jeff, but not the kid; not Tony; what has he done wrong? Be conceived???? Yeah… he should be blamed for that, I agree.  Ugh… again, ASSHOLES!!!  Anyway, back to the story, I apologize.  The real stink of this whole disowning of 11-year-old Tony is that Jeff, before Alcoholism, was married to a lovely woman and had a daughter, Samantha.  Tony has met her a couple of times, before Jeff’s drinking got so bad and he had visitation with Sam, and Tony really liked her.  I believe they are about six or seven years apart.  Samantha is NOT disowned by Jeff’s family, but adored.  Plus, Samantha herself, being old enough to, has disowned her father as well as Tony.

“Hey Jeff, How ya Doin'”? “Good, real good, but I need a favor.”  Of course he does.  Wonder how much? “Look, I can catch some second shift OT tomorrow night and I need someone to sit with “T”; you think you could do it”?  NO, NO, NO… “Sure, no problem.”  DAMNIT!!! “Can I drop him by about 2:00 p.m.”?  Wait I just remembered I have something to do, I can’t…. “Sure, that’s fine.”  “Thanks, we’ll see you then.”  Damn, Damn, Damn… I did it again!  No big deal though.  I don’t have anything to do.  Tony and I can rock the XBox, go swimming, order pizza… All good; just a lazy Saturday night.  And it was.  It was a fun night.  Tony is awesome.  He is so smart and funny; once you get past shy.  I let him sit in the game rocker and we ate junk and lots of it.  I would watch this little guy again, no problem.  About 10:45 p.m. rolls around and Jeff called and asked if Tony could just stay over because it looked like they were gonna get out late and he would come get him between 11:00 a.m and noon the next day, Sunday.  I told Jeff, no problem… little man was nodding off anyway.  All good, all good.  We never heard from or saw Jeff again.


As always, be good to yourself and one another.

Sonny C.

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    – to help pay medical and daily living expenses for a woman suddenly stricken down with seizures and all her income taken from her by a large insurance company citing fraud, inconsistent dates, and negative test results that were actually positive, while raising a child.


    -to raise money for our charity to support the prevention and treatment of violence against women and children and supporting veteran amputees


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